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Who is ALANA?

The Alana Project (logo)


  • The ALANA Project is a community-generated virtual persona, that helps people who are new to the web3 space to LEARN how to navigate it safely. She provides a space to CO-CREATE and empower creators with the ability to own and sell their creations as NFTs.

  • ALANA is a platform to explore and BUILD your own web3 project.

  • ALANA is a virtual persona and community-generated decentralized store of web3 knowledge; she is an active participant, collaborator, and muse to digital designers.


DappBack is a web3 task journey provider.

We started working with JJ and his team to provide web3 newbies with a gamified onboarding journey to Alana's world.

Web3 newcomers and veterans alike will be enabled to learn more about the ALANA Project by solving the quests and missions provided in the task journey. If successfully concluded they will be rewarded with ALANA's exclusive Blockchain Candy NFTs. 

Try it out now!

Task Journey


The GALATEA project is an exciting opportunity for web3 explorers to join ALANA in creating a unique companion creature for her planet AltaAgri°XIII. 

Using the latest technology and a dash of magic, participants will help define and design the GALATEA creatures, which are ideally a blend of technology and organic, natural elements. By participating in this project, co-creators will be able to forge a new era of companionship and connection between humans and GALATEA's. 

Complete entries will receive a whitelisting spot for the final drop of GALATEA NFTs, including the 3D file, as a reward. 

Join the ALANA Project on this thrilling journey to create something truly legendary.


"Give your queen a crown to White Day, cause ETH lasts 4ever."
  - inspired by Mark Richardson

in Partnership with Jevels

"ALANA x Royalty REdefined" celebrates the wealth re-distribution, novel opportunities, and self-empowering tools of web3.

The launch date of "ALANA x Royalty REdefined" relates to the Japanese way of responding to a Valentine's Day confession; White Day. Traditionally, on White Day, the person who received a Valentine's confession should return the favor with a white rose if they are romantically interested in the other person. Knowing about our intent, and while we understand you feel like keeping the halo for yourself, you might want to reconsider and send it to someone you genuinely appreciate instead.

© 2023 by The ALANA Project

Created by JavoG using Midjourney

The ALANAmagazine is a premier platform for fashion, lifestyle, and technology content, with a focus on the cutting-edge advancements of web3 innovation. By partnering with the ALANAmagazine, companies, brands and talented individuals can get exposure to a diverse and engaged audience.

The magazine's mission to inspire and empower readers aligns well with forward-thinking and innovative individuals and companies, making it a valuable and effective platform for promoting products and services. With its curated and elevated content, the ALANAmagazine is an excellent choice for any company looking to connect with the interconnected global citizen audience.



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